Upton Meadow Primary School visits our Northampton office


At Opus Energy, we’re always looking towards the future. That’s why we were happy to invite 20 students aged 9-11 from Upton Meadow Primary School, Northamptonshire, to teach them about the energy industry and give them a taste of working life.

Through our work with the Northamptonshire Enterprise Partnership, a local partnership that aims to increase the prosperity of Northamptonshire’s businesses, we planned a fun and educational session for the students to give them a chance to see a real-life working environment in action and show them what we do here at Opus Energy.

To start with, the students were given a brief presentation about the various ways that gas and electricity is delivered throughout the country. This was then followed by a relay race where they were split into two teams and asked to answer questions about what they’d just learnt, with the team who could answer the questions fastest being crowned the winner.

To further cement their learning, these teams were then shown images around the room of different stages in the gas and electricity delivery process. Each team was given a piece of string in order to connect the different stages of the process in the right order. It was a race against the clock, and the excitement was tangible!

Next on the list was a full tour of the building where the different areas of the business were explained to half the group of students, who then had the opportunity to meet a few of our customer operations agents and ask them a bit about what it is they do, and why they do it.

At the same time, the other group stayed behind to do some SmartBoard activities, and played a game where they were asked to draw different household appliances that use gas and electricity. The drawings were then judged on likeness, artist interpretation and additional details. This really helped in showing the pupils just how much of their daily lives depend on energy supplied by companies like us. From Xboxes to fridges and lighting, we taught them that energy is essential to modern living.

After the session, we received the following feedback:

”The children were really inspired to see how it could be for them in a real life workplace!! All said it looked a really fun and interesting company to work for. The excitement on the way home was off the scale.”

We loved hosting the students from Upton Meadow Primary School, and were pleased to hear that they enjoyed it just as much as we did.