Summer holiday work: My time at Opus Energy

For the first time ever, Opus Energy opened its doors for summer workers this year. We welcomed a handful of people looking for summer holiday work opportunities, including many returning local university students, and the scheme has proven to be a huge success.

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All summer workers integrated incredibly well with our 600+ workforce based across Northampton and Oxford, and proved to be valuable members of the team. With high hopes to continue this scheme next year and potentially over the Christmas holidays too, we asked one of our summer employees, Marcus Kinsey, to share his experience.


My time at Opus Energy: Marcus Kinsey


“As a university student, summer can be a strange time. The choice between mind-numbing boredom and back-breaking labour is never an easy decision to make. This year, it was especially difficult.

With a £10,000 Master’s degree loan on my mind and my parents’ move to France on the horizon, I was faced with the prospect of working a long summer in retail whilst also trying to finish my dissertation. However, I was lucky enough to hear that Opus Energy was recruiting summer workers just before resigning myself to a summer behind tills.

Spending my summer at Opus Energy has been a deeply rewarding opportunity.

Though I have been working since I was fifteen in various casual jobs, my experience in a professional environment was non-existent, something which I feared would be damning. This was, in fact, far from the case: after an induction, I—along with other summer workers in a similar position to myself—were buddied with team members who taught us the ins and outs of the job, and within a few weeks we were confidently working alongside the rest of the team.

One of my favourite aspects of working at Opus Energy was feeling like my work mattered.

As opposed to my work in retail, which made me feel as if I were a cog in a machine, working in the Registrations team at Opus Energy encouraged me to investigate and use my initiative. From checking databases to contacting customers, the team works hard to ensure that there would be no disruptions to customers receiving their contracts on time.

Knowing that your work has helped a customer out is a great experience and reflects the refreshingly pro-customer service philosophy that runs throughout Opus Energy. Another example of feeling like a valued member of the team came when it was announced that our office would be taking over the registration of high profile corporate contracts. Though I was only a summer worker, I felt as though I was part of the team which ensured a smooth takeover of corporate affairs.

I would wholeheartedly recommend summer work at Opus Energy.

In addition to feeling like part of the team and providing customer service, the skills and experience I acquired in the few months I was there are invaluable for the job market: efficiency, accuracy, teamwork, service and industry knowledge, as well as the general experience of working in an office, will certainly come in handy when I am back in Cardiff. Just a caution though: public transport around Moulton Park to the Northampton train station can be a bit of a nightmare!”


Many thanks to Marcus for this insightful piece – if you’d like to find out what current job opportunities are available at Opus Energy, please click here to visit our Careers page.