Being an Opus Energy apprentice

Opus Energy runs apprenticeships to give young talent a stepping stone into the industry, allowing them to gain work experience and a qualification at the same time. We’ve been speaking to Alex, who started off as an apprentice and is now working full time in our Renewable Energy department as a Renewable Administrator.


Alex’s apprenticeship journey began over a year ago when he first began looking for renewable energy jobs.

His mentor recommended he apply for our program, leading to him joining us in our Northampton office. Alex had previously begun an apprenticeship at another company but felt he would be better suited elsewhere.

The current scheme at Opus Energy allows for on the job training, in-house mentoring and a competitive salary – all whilst our apprentices gain their NVQ level 2 or 3 qualifications. Typical apprenticeships are based in administrative and customer service roles within our Northampton office.

The first two weeks after joining the scheme involve insight training and a chance to meet other like-minded individuals joining the programme. During the training, apprentices receive in-depth coaching for administrative and customer service roles.

For Alex this meant an opportunity to experience various positions in the Renewable Energy team and to see what everyone else was doing as well, which meant that he now had valuable insight on how we work internally, and the impact that each department has.

Once training was over, Alex was put straight to work and within only two weeks of his inter-departmental training he was talking and liaising with customers over the phone.

“My experience at Opus Energy has been great – the team are really organised, so it’s always clear what my role is and what work I need to get on with. I feel they really trust me.”

Alex did not have an energy background when he joined us, but it wasn’t a problem. As Stephen Smith, one of our trainers says:

“We don’t really have a set type we like to take on, as long as they meet the government and college criteria, we are willing to give anyone an opportunity to be part of the apprenticeship scheme.”

Taking on apprentices gives us the opportunity to provide opportunities for young people who are struggling to find work due to a lack of experience. In return, we offer them a structured training programme, supportive team leaders as well as a dedicated business member.

That’s why Alex has excelled, and why in April 2014 he was made a permanent employee at Opus Energy. He has grown to become a key member of the team.

Q&A with Alex

What is your favourite thing about working for Opus Energy?

It definitely has to be the team. Everyone here is so friendly and helpful. Also they know how to have a laugh!

What is your favourite source of renewable energy?

My favourite? Probably wind power as it’s one of our main resources and putting it in the books is very straightforward, so we can offer an efficient service to customers.

What advice would you give people who are thinking of doing an apprenticeship?

I would perhaps advise them to make the most of any opportunity that they can get at Opus Energy. There are lots available and the team wants to help in any way they can.