Cambridgeshire village’s clean-energy ambitions achieved with Opus Energy

With a helping hand from Opus Energy, the village of Gamlingay has successfully implemented a Community Wind Turbine that is helping them reduce their carbon footprint, increasing their income and allowing them to become more self-reliant.

Galimngay Community Wind Turbine, wind turbine, renewable energy, wind energy, Gamlingay, Cambridgeshire

Residents of Gamlingay, located in South Cambridgeshire, were adamant that the future of their village should be cleaner and more environmentally responsible.  They knew that they wanted to reduce their reliance on fossil fuels and lead the way for eco-consciousness in the area.  However they also wanted a project that, through uniting the locals and their businesses, could make a good investment opportunity and add to the community’s worth.

The answer to this?  Setting up a passionate team to project-manage the build of South Cambridgeshire’s first Community Wind Turbine.  It would produce electricity for the village, provide spare power to be sold back to the grid, and would reduce their carbon footprint.

Perhaps just as crucially, they needed to build this beacon with the help of an energy supplier who could provide everything they needed to realise their vision. This was when they reached out to Opus Energy.

“It really came down to how easy it was to talk to Opus Energy,” explained Mr Brettle, a director of the Gamlingay team who had their hearts set on bringing a Community Turbine to the Cambridgeshire village.

“We’re all people with day jobs so don’t have much spare time, and we’re certainly not experts in this area!  Opus Energy helped us cut through the jargon and gave us confidence that nothing horrible would happen because we’d missed some technical detail.  They made the entire process simple from start to finish.”

Gamlingay Community Wind Turbine, Gamlingay, wind turbine, renewable energy, wind energy

The turbine was wholly funded by residents and businesses of the Gamlingay community; local residents were given the first chance to invest before it was opened up to local businesses that were keen to contribute towards a more environmentally-friendly future.  It was decided that profits from the turbine would be distributed back into the rural community, with 10% of all net income being pooled into a community fund.

However, with no bank loans or public funding to kick start the initial investment, an economic approach was also vital for the Cambridgeshire residents to realise their plans.

“Opus Energy’s prices are competitive but also very easy to understand. We’d highly recommend them to others in our line of businesses, and in fact already have!” Mr Brettle commented.

In supplying the support that they uniquely needed, the Opus Energy team provided yet another solution for eco-conscious customers in the UK, as well as a high standard of customer service.

With just one turbine, this small village has turned around its economic prospects and impact on the environment.  If you’d like to get more information on how you could do the same for your community or business, contact the Opus Energy Renewables team on 0845 040 5802. They’d be happy to help.

Gamlingay Community Wind Turbine, Gamlingay, renewable energy, wind energy


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