Vlog: Top squad training

Following on from his launch of the Opus Energise wellbeing challenge last month, Dan congratulates all those who completed the competition and tells us all about his training with the country”s top gymnasts.

In the video Daniel says:

“Hi everyone. It was just five weeks ago that I went to the Opus Energy offices to launch the staff wellbeing competition. For those who don”t know about this, the company had set a pedometer challenge walking from London to Paris. I”d like to say congratulations to everyone who took part in this competition and give a massive shout out to the team Toe Jammers who walked the furthest. I heard you walked a lot further than Paris as well! I hope this has got everybody in the mood for walking and being healthy, and since the weather is so nice outside you should really take advantage of this. Well done again.

“At the moment I”m at Lilleshall Sports Centre training with some of the boys ready for the national squad next week. It is a Top Squad, where all the top boys in Britain have been selected to be on this programme, and we”ll all be training together getting our routines together ready for the up-and-coming competitions, the next one being in September. So at the moment we”re just working on some new moves, trying to fit them in our routines. Obviously it makes the routines a lot harder, so fitness-wise it really is quite hard but we”re surviving so, you know, wish me luck!