Vlog: South Africa

Opus Energy is thrilled to show you an exclusive video from Daniel Keatings” – it”s his first ever video blog for Opus Energy Challenge followers!

In the video Daniel says:

“Hi everyone, I”m currently in South Africa with the GB squad on training camp.

At the moment it”s our day off and our only day off, and we”re on our way to a safari park.

I”ve heard the safaris are really good here so I”m really excited and looking forward to seeing a load of different animals.

We went to a small safari park the other day which was a tiger and lion and rhino park and it was pretty fun. We got to play with some small tigers which was pretty cool.

The weather”s really nice here. It”s really hot and sunny so I”m hoping to come back with a really nice tan and hopefully not get burnt along the way.

Training”s pretty intense at the moment as well. It”s quite hard training in the heat but I”m feeling in really good shape and getting ready for routine. We”ve got some big competitions in March which will be qualifications for the Europeans so I”m just getting ready for that at the moment.

Well anyway, we”re about to hit the safari park so I”ll catch you all soon.”