Vlog: Northampton College event

Dan joins Opus Energy as they attend Northampton College to motivate the students as they plan their futures. Find out all about it in his video blog.

In the video Daniel says:

“Hi guys, just checking in again.

“It’s been a busy couple of weeks. I’ve started doing the All Round again which is very exciting, so I’m hoping to do my first competition in a couple of months’ time. My body’s aching quite a lot from this as I haven’t done it for quite a while, but training’s going really well at the moment.

“Today I’m at Northampton College, I was giving a motivational speech to some of the students here. Hopefully I’ve given an insight to my career so far. You know, coming back from ups and downs and setbacks and just being positive through everything you can be really and hopefully it can help them in their career so far. There’s some kids behind me just getting their CVs checked by some of the Opus Energy team and hopefully today they can gain some positives from what I’ve spoken about today and it will help them in the future.


These exclusive photos from the day show Dan with Annamarie Petsis Jones, HR Director at Opus Energy, and Northampton College students.