Vlog: Medal success at the British Championships

Dan’s just back from a busy weekend of competitions in Liverpool. He chats to his Opus Energy Challenge blog followers about how he feels following his medal performance.

Congratulations Dan!

In the video Daniel says:

“Hi everyone, that’s me just got home from Liverpool. It was quite a long journey, I’m pretty tired, it was quite a long weekend to be fair.

“Two competitions back to back. British Championships, the first day was just the British team, men’s championships. The second day which was the masters championships where under 16s, under 18s and seniors all compete together in like a final.

“I did REALLY well, you know I was really happy with how my competition went. The three apparatus: the pommel horse, the parallel bars and the high bar. On the first day I won all of them out of the seniors and on the second day I won two of them, the pommel and p bars on the second day. I messed up my front piece on the high bar and I was kind of gutted but you know, but really happy with my performance anyway. These are the medals that I came back with, pretty nice. So hopefully I can keep my form going and just got to wait and see what the European team is now, so fingers crossed.

“See you soon.”