Vlog: English Championships

Opus Energy is thrilled to show you an exclusive video from Daniel Keatings’, direct from the side-lines of the English Championships arena.

In the video Daniel says:

“I’ve just finished competing at the English Championships today. I’m Scottish so I’m a guest so I can’t be up there with the other lads collecting the medals, but you know I did quite a good competition today.

“I did three pieces of apparatus. I did the pommel horse, the parallel bars and the high bar. It went ok. Pommel horse I made quite a small error during the routine, I got 15.067. Parallel bars, again I made a small mistake. I missed one of the handstands on one of my moves, I got 15.1. And then on the high bar I got 13.2. It was a big move that I was trying. It was a new release and catch called the Coleman. Unfortunately I just missed the bar today, but I’ve got three weeks to the British so hopefully I can get it right just in time for that.

“All the other boys looked really good today so it’s going to be quite exciting going all together to the British Championships. Thanks.”