Sobell House Hospice volunteer day

At Opus Energy, our employees can give back to the community by donating their time to the charities we support. Most recently, team members have been helping out at local Oxfordshire charity, Sobell House. Stefanie Silson, Digital Marketing Assistant, reports back on her experience.


“When it comes to giving, some people stop at nothing”

Vernon McLellan’s wise words could not be more appropriate for the team at Sobell House Witney. With only one full time employee and a handful of volunteers, their efforts to help are truly notable.

The shop may appear unassuming at first, but the warm smiles, accompanied by a few hidden treasures, invite you in. There’s no denying that there is a certain charm about the place, and the realisation that you can start to expect the unexpected here makes it even more special.

So armed with sheer will and the hope to make a difference, we descended upon the shop to see how we could do our bit. Two of our volunteers went from door to door to collect all manner of trinkets from registered donors across Oxfordshire – ranging from couches to carpet shampooers. The two of us left in the shop were asked to organise clothes donations and complete the visual merchandising of the products. However, most importantly, everyone pitched in whenever the need arose.

Charity shops are fast becoming a British institution, with every town centre having at  least one on its high street. These treasure troves allow charities to create an income to help further their cause. They rely on the hard work of those willing to give back to the community – whether it is by volunteering at the shop or donating some of their possessions.

The money earned in the Witney charity shop, and many other shops across Oxfordshire helps support Sobell House hospice as part of their charitable division.

Sobell House Hospice Witney volunteer team.

Sobell House Hospice charity is an Oxford-based charity which has been created to help support the Sir Michael Sobell House Hospice. It helps provide palliative and end of life care to residents in Oxfordshire and helps ensure that those with life threatening illnesses maintain a high quality of life.

A special thank you goes to Jackie, the manager at the Witney charity shop, as well as Sobell House Hospice’s official volunteers, Judith and Brian, who made the day an unforgettable one. We’re thrilled at being given the chance to make a difference.

We chose Sobell House as one of the charities to support as sadly one of our colleagues spent her last days in the hospice. The quality of care that she received meant that she was able to pass away as peacefully as possible and has made it an institute close to our heart.  If you would like to know more about the charities Opus Energy supports, please click here.