Peek inside Daniel’s ‘home’

We get a sneaky peek inside Daniel’s ‘home’

Hi everyone,

Since my last blog I have basically had back-to-back training at Lilleshall with the rest of the GB squad. In fact from now on in and up to the Olympics the majority of our training will be away from home at Lilleshall with only the weekends off, but even then I will still go into my gym in Huntingdon on a Sunday. The time away from friends and family can be really tough at times and the training is quite full on, but the beauty of training at Lilleshall is the support available from the medical staff and national coaches. I guess what really keeps us all going is the fact the Olympics is now only 88 days away……………………..scary!

So I thought I would share with you some pictures of my home for the next three months lol :-)

This is the soft pit gym where we try all of our new moves:

Soft gym pit

The next two photos are of the normal gym where we practice our competition routines:

Normal gym 2 Normal gym 1

I have also added a link to a short movie clip of me training on the pommel last week.

I hope these are interesting, especially since I talk about Lilleshall so much and it also allows you to see inside the National Sports Centre at Lilleshall.

I will share some more photos over my next few blogs.

Training can be quite repetitive at times and there are always periods when there are no competitions and not much happening, so I quite like it when I am asked questions as it always puts a different twist on my blogs. Here are some extra questions I was asked by Opus Energy:

Do you think that you’d be under less pressure if the Olympics weren’t in the UK this year? We wondered if the expectation of the home crowd might increase the pressure?

I really am looking forward to the Olympics here in the UK and I am quite excited about competing in front of a home crowd at the O2 arena again. It was in the O2 where I have had two of my most successful competitions to date; I won Silver in the All Around competition at the World Championships in 2009 and we also successfully qualified a full team to the London Olympics in January this year. So there is additional pressure but it’s a nice pressure.

Did you always want to be Pommel horse gymnast?

The Pommel horse is an apparatus that I have always picked up really easy but it was never my intention just to compete on the Pommel. I really enjoy all of the apparatus and especially the thrill of the All Around competition as it is really tough to be good across all apparatus.

We understand that your dad was into Kickboxing, so we wondered if you had ever considered that?

I have participated in gymnastics since I was 5. Although I do enjoy many sports, it is gymnastics that I really enjoy as you have to push every part of your body to the extreme and it is really challenging.

That’s all for now but if anyone else would like to ask me some questions then please feel free to send them in to Opus Energy who will forward them on to me.

Cheers, Dan