Opus Energy raises over £30,000 in 2014 for charity

When your company has over 600 employees, choosing a charity that means a lot to everyone can be hard. So in the 2014-2015 financial year, Opus Energy chose to support three different causes – and managed to raise a whopping £30,853.74!

It took a huge group effort, and every penny raised by employees was match-funded by the company to maximise all fundraising efforts. Read on to find out which charities we supported and the very creative ways employees got everyone digging deep in their pockets…



Our annual Charity Challenge Week saw some worthy employees donning fancy dress and becoming cake distributors for a day, selling and delivering right to people’s desks. Dress Down Week was another a popular fundraiser for the whole company, and a competitive raffle got some special attention when high-profile prizes such as choice car parking spaces were put on offer.


May 2014 saw four hard-working employees undertake the London Marathon – needless to say, it took a huge amount of dedication to get to and finish the race and we’re very proud of their efforts.

However, one of our highlights of the year was a tea party that we held at one of our offices where we got to meet Katie. Katie is one of Mencap’s disability ambassadors, and she shared her experiences with us and told us all about where the money we raised would be going.

How much did we raise?


Grand total (including match-funding)



Rainbows Children’s Hospice


Our Charity Challenge Week also saw a huge sum raised for Rainbows Children’s Hospice, with sponsored challenges, bake sales, casual dress codes, raffles and many more events.


One particularly gruelling challenge was undertaken by a team of seven Opus Energy employees, who took it upon themselves to complete the Yorkshire Three Peaks challenge- an endurance challenge to climb three of the highest mountains in the Yorkshire Dales.

And, as always, volunteer days were spent working at the Rainbows Children’s Hospice. Willing employees spent a day of their week helping with gardening work, administration and anything else that needed an extra pair of hands. This achieved us the Outstanding Volunteer Project at the Rainbows 2014 awards ceremony (see below!)

How much did we raise?


Grand total (including match-funding)



Beating Bowel Cancer

Last, but certainly not least, our Oxford office raised even more money for Beating Bowel Cancer through a number of external activities – including a spooktacular set of Halloween celebrations, games and competitions.


How much did we raise?


Grand total (including match-funding)


Our grand total for all three charities was a staggering £30,853.74, blowing our target of £25,000 out of the water. We’re very proud of our employees’ hard work and passion in supporting these causes, and are ready and raring for another successful year of fundraising. Keep an eye on these pages to find out what we’re up to.


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