How to unwind when you’re up against the ropes

Once again, boxing superstar and Northampton local Chantelle Cameron has stopped by with a blog post. This time, she lets us in on her secrets for relaxing. Read on to find out how to unwind, the award-winning athlete way…

Chantelle Cameron, Northampton, boxer, boxing

Before an event I stick to a very structured routine and have certain superstitions, so I like to ensure that I have the chance to do a few things a certain way before I box.

For example, I make sure to listen to two particular songs before I leave to go to the boxing venue, and like having a nice long shower and moisturising session before I put my boxing kit on.

However, even athletes like to kick back and take a break sometimes. Here are a few of my favourite things to do when I’ve got some time off from training…

1. Walk it off

I love to go on nice long walks with pretty scenery – most of the time with my dog and brother or friends.

2. Cheeky Nandos

I love to go Nandos with my friends.  Their menu has a lot of options, so depending on whether or not I’m making weight for an upcoming tournament, I’ll vary what I pick from the menu.

3. Counting sheep

I often nap with my dog! I nap quite a lot and my dog also loves to sleep, so he joins me – like a big teddy bear.

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4. Soak up the silver screen

I really enjoy the cinema. It’s a good way to unwind as I love films. It gives me some time away from the ring and it’s always a better atmosphere in a cinema with the big screen and surround sound.

5. Shop ‘til you drop

Retail therapy is the best remedy to unwind and feel good – whether it’s wearing new clothes or just treating yourself to something like a face mask.

6. Spa time

Pamper nights are again a great way to unwind. I have a routine – deep conditioning my hair, putting in a face mask, and more!

7. TV therapy

Having girly nights in with my friends is always a great option. We watch Netflix and films, and we’re always watching the soaps – mainly to catch up as I miss a lot of my favourites when I’m in training sessions.

8. I got rhythm

Sometimes I just lay and listen to music on my own for hours and relax. I do this especially after training it’s a great way to just chill out and give your body a break.

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9. Be a bookworm

I like to delve into a good book –  mainly whilst having a nice hot bath with all my products and candles burning.

10. Family fortune

I always make sure I make the most out of my family time, as it’s very important to me and I miss a lot of occasions with training and boxing abroad.

I feel like I should make the most of my time with my family, so we’ll plan activities like bike rides, movie nights or days out.