Top 10 Tips for fundraising in the office: infographic

The average worker spends about 2000 hours per year in the office. This makes it a great place to raise money for your favourite charity. Fundraising in the office also promotes team-building, boosts morale and helps enhance the company’s image.

This colourful infographic contains some fundraising ideas that are off the beaten track, to help inspire you with your charitable endeavours!

fun-draising-infographic1. Pot Luck Lunch

Ask everyone to bring in some food, and you can share a tasty buffet lunch. Think salads, cheeses, crisps, meats, bread and desserts. To make it charitable, why not ask everyone to donate their usual lunch money to charity.

2. Monthly specials

‘Movember’ and the lesser known ‘Decembeard’ are a great, fun way for male colleagues to raise a bit of cash through being sponsored not to shave the ‘tash or beard. Ladies – don’t feel left out – perhaps you could give up the razor as well?!

3. Swear box

Does your team have terrible language? Capitalise on this by fining colleagues £1 for swearing! Depending on how strict you’re feeling this could be extended to include mobile phones ringing in meetings or being late for work…

4. Sweepstakes

The Grand National, the World Cup, the Olympics… take your pick! The money you take can be split between your chosen charity and the lucky winner!

5. Dress down

If your office-wear tends to be on the smart side, why not relax the rules for a week and ask colleagues if they want to dress down. To make it more fun, why not theme it? Think Christmas jumpers in December or a summer-themed dress code when it’s hot.

6. Get active

Could you hold a company sports day? Do you have offices spread over different sites, and could you sponsor colleagues to run or cycle between them? Perhaps you could even hold a sponsored abseil down your office (Obviously it’s advisable to have an expert present for this one!)

7. Guess the baby

This is a really simple, fun idea. Everyone brings in a photo of themselves as a baby, stick them all on a wall and ask your colleagues to guess who they all are! Charge a small fee to take part, and give a prize to the winner.

8. Drinks

Bring the after work drinks to the office. Buy some bottles of beer or wine, and suggest a £2 or £3 donation per glass. If you don’t have glasses in the office, you can often rent a set for free from supermarkets. Fundraising this way is sure to be popular with employees , as it’s sociable and gives an incentive to work hard until 5 o’clock!

9. Cake sales

Cake sales are a stale idea! But, you could reinvent the humble cake sale to make it more exciting. Why not inject some competitiveness by turning it into a Great British Bake Off? Or, make it seasonal by selling home-made hot cross buns, mince pies or cream teas.

10Recipe books

Pretty much everyone has a favourite recipe, whether it’s an invention from student days or a classic recipe passed down from grandparents. Compile these recipes together (with photos) and have the book bound. These books can make great, original presents, with any proceeds being donated to charity.


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