Every disabled person matters | Mencap

Today, we are featuring a guest post by Josephine from the Mencap charity. She tells us about the work that Mencap does to help people with learning disabilities.


Hi my name is Josephine and I’m a keen campaigner and activist!

I work at Mencap as a campaigns assistant and receptionist. My work involves making rights a reality for people with learning disabilities, their families and carers.

Judy Fryd was a mother of a child with a learning disability. She formed a group for parents of children with a learning disability over 60 years ago which we all now know as Mencap.

Mencap is the leading UK learning disability charity. A learning disability can happen before, during or after birth. There are different types of learning disability and can range from mild, moderate, severe and profound. We all have needs but with support we can achieve anything! People with more severe learning disabilities’ need the attention of carers 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Some people with a more severe learning disability might have a speech impairment but all the same, they must not be ignored!

Mencap aims to ensure people with a learning disability are treated equally in society and have the same rights in all aspects of life, have a better choice opportunity and are respected. Hear, hear!

People with a learning disability face discrimination everyday all because of people’s differences – this shouldn’t be like this at all.

Mencap is trying to make rights a reality for people with a learning disability in every aspect of life, which is cracking! The importance of this is we are born to win. Nobody should deny a person with a learning disability their right to get a job, access healthcare and many more things in life. Things need to change for the better for people with disabilities.


It’s totally cool to work with such inspiring people and organisations, like Opus Energy, who share our passion- it’s the best of all worlds. Achieving equality is a challenge, so the more the merrier!

Thank you for all your support over the last 18 months! It costs £7 to answer a call from our dedicated helpline. So, the spectacular £41,770 that you have raised will help us to answer almost 6,000 calls for help. That is amazing!

Barriers facing people with learning disabilities are outrageous but with Opus Energy’s help we will go far


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