GB gymnast Daniel Keating’s top 3 inspiring career moments

Gymnastic superstar, medal collector and representative of Great Britain with Rio 2016 in his sights: Daniel Keatings has a lot to be proud of in his illustrious career. To put it simply, we’re big fans!

With so many accomplishments under his belt, he’s gained some pretty amazing memories, and Dan has kindly taken time out of his busy training schedule to share his top three defining moments. Read on, and try not to be jealous…


3. Making history

When: 15th October 2009

Where: World Gymnastics Championship, London, England


Why: At this event I won a world silver medal in the all-around competition [competing on all six different men’s gymnastics apparatus]. This event has to be in my top career moments because I managed to make history by becoming the first British male gymnast to get a world medal in the all-around event. Being in front of a home crowd in London? That just made it extra special.


2. Making a comeback

When: 20th April 2013

Where: European Championships, Moscow, Russia


Why: In 2012, I found out that I’d just missed out on making the London 2012 Olympics team [see Dan talk about the hard work involved here]. The European Championships in 2013 was the first international competition I took part in for Great Britain after this, so I knew I had to make a statement.

Not only did I become a European Champion – winning a gold medal on the pommel – I managed to beat the current Olympic gold and bronze medallist from the London Olympics. This was the biggest “I’m back” statement I could have made.


1. Making memories

When: 31st July 2014

Where: Commonwealth Games, Glasgow, Scotland


Why: While the European Championships in Moscow was my next big event after missing the London Olympics, even more exciting was the Commonwealth Games in 2014, because this was my next biggest competition on home ground.

I compete for Scotland, and so since I went back to training after the Olympics, the Commonwealth Games in Glasgow was my main driving focus.

I got to compete in front of a home crowd and delivered my best ever performance: beating the current Olympic silver and bronze medallist and taking home the gold on the pommel, which was absolutely massive for me. This has to be my favourite, and most emotional, memory of my career yet.


Three amazing memories from Dan Keating’s career so far, and we’re sure there are many more to come. If you can’t wait to see more of the gymnastic legend, check out Dan’s gold medal-winning performance in Glasgow below.


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