Chantelle Cameron: Getting inspired by Buffy the Vampire Slayer

Northampton local and GB boxer, Chantelle Cameron, is definitely a role model to everyone at Opus Energy.  So who is a role model for her?

Chantelle drops in to catch us up on her unusual childhood inspirations, as well as her current aspirational role model now that’s she’s a champion fighting for victory. 

Chantelle Cameron GB boxer in boxing training


Hey everyone – it’s Chantelle Cameron here, just dropping in to talk about my role models.

My first ever role model was actually Buffy the Vampire slayer (I was only 10 years old!) She’s the inspiration that first got me involved in Martial arts.

I used to be obsessed with Buffy, the main character [a fighting, feisty teen vampire slayer, for non-Buffy buffs!], and I always practiced the moves from the show.

I also loved famous Martial artists like Bruce Lee and Jackie Chan. I would always watch one of their movies before a tournament as it gave me a boost of confidence and encouragement. This quickly became a ritual before a fight.

Bruce Lee

This routine has sort of stuck with me throughout my boxing career – however, now I’m on the GB Boxing team, I watch my favourite boxers, Mike Tyson and Sugar Ray Leonard. They give me a huge boost and inspire me before tournaments.

Outside of the celebrity world, another role model for me would be my friend on the GB squad, Savannah Marshall. She boxes in the 75kg middleweight category and was the first ever female world champion.

Savannah is a huge inspiration to me and I look up to her a lot as she is the most humble (and nicest) athlete you could meet. She is my role model because I believe that no matter what you achieve, and no matter what you win, you should always stay humble.

Remember that whatever you did yesterday, it doesn’t mean that tomorrow will have the same outcome. By this I mean never stop training hard; stay disciplined, as there is always somebody coming up behind you who wants your place and wants your gold spot.

I hope everyone is enjoying 2015. I’m sure it is going to be a big success for us all!