Breakfast of champions: Start your day right with Daniel Keatings

When you’re a world-class athlete, attention to detail is everything. Getting into good habits, such as powering your body in the most nutritional way possible, is just one of the many things that a champion needs to keep doing on the road to success.

Time to step up to the plate, and make sure you’re delivering a winning breakfast every time! Dan Keatings, Opus Energy sponsored GB gymnast, is here to reveal what he fuels his body with to guarantee he’s in tip-top condition.

Read on to find out what he’s waking up to…



“This is the breakfast I have when I’m in competition periods and I’m just training:

• Porridge with a chopped up banana

• Two poached eggs on a slice of brown toast

• A cup of green tea

• A glass of orange juice.”

Dan chooses porridge for his breakfasts – being starchy it’s a great source of slow release carbohydrates, and is generally higher in protein than most boxed cereals. A smart choice for a day on the gym equipment!


2. The competition prep breakfast

“This is what I’ll eat in the eight week period building up to a competition, trying to lean down:

• Two poached eggs

• Two slices of smoked salmon

• A banana

• A cup of green tea

• A glass of skimmed milk.”

While trying to get lean, Dan reduces his carbohydrate intake and instead opts to be fuelled by foods with healthy fats, such as salmon. Salmon is high in omega-3 fatty acids, which are essential but not naturally synthesised by the body (i.e. they have to be obtained from your diet).


3. The Sunday breakfast

“AKA the breakfast I choose when I have a day off – a lean fry-up:

• Two slices of turkey bacon

• Two chicken sausages

• A tomato

• Mushrooms

• Two poached eggs

• One slice of brown toast

• A cup of green tea

Proving that you don’t have to give up your favourites when you’re trying to be healthy, we love Dan’s nutritious take on the traditional fry-up. A great lesson in making smart swaps (such as choosing chicken sausages instead of high-fat pork sausages) that mean you have a stellar breakfast without feeling like you’re missing out.


4. Competition day breakfast

• Two poached eggs on a slice of brown toast

• A bowl of natural yoghurt with a mixed selection of fruits on top

• A glass of orange juice

• A cup of green tea

Opting for yoghurt keeps it light for Dan on competition day – but choosing the natural variety gives him the protein boost he needs, plus some brown toast for energy. Definitely one to try for big days that need full brain and body power!


5. My favourite snack…

“I love biltong!” says Dan. “I especially like peri-peri flavouring. It’s low carb, low fat and high in protein. I eat this all the time, in and out of competition periods.

A great reminder that snacks and chocolate bars aren’t the only way to go when you get between-meal hunger pangs – biltong is an easy way to get filling, muscle-building protein on-the-go.


Bon appetite!