Blog: week 10 of rehabilitation, back to the gym full time

Going into my tenth week of rehabilitation and I am feeling really fit. In my last blog I mentioned that we were going to test my knee in a ‘clean and jerk’ exercise; it went really well but as a precaution we decided not to go to mad with the big heavy weights. We thought it best to wait until my next check up with the surgeon!

I have perfected the exercise with some light weights and my knee feels good. The next step is to build up to the heavier weights over the next couple of weeks, so some great steps forward for me.

I was also advised by my nutritionist to increase my Vitamin D intake to aid my recovery. So I took her advice and booked a week’s holiday to Turkey. I am not sure it’s quite what she had in mind but it certainly increased my Vitamin D intake, as temperatures soared to 42 degrees. I stayed at Club Letoonia in Fethiye; it was awesome! But, no rest for the wicked…I was also under strict instructions to maintain my conditioning every morning and evening. I managed to keep on top of the exercises as the complex had full gym facilities. Swimming is also a huge part of my rehabilitation and as the resort had 4 pools and 3 beaches there were no excuses; although I was quite envious of people on the water slides that went straight into the sea. Unfortunately my recovery plan prevented me from trying them out, maybe next year.

The World Cup final was also on whilst I was over there. It was an incredible atmosphere watching it with 500 other guests at the hotel.

Now I am home it’s back to reality and onto my next target; to start jogging. Over the next couple of weeks I am planning to start on an ‘aqua jogger’ which is a tread mill in a water tank. It helps to support my weight, and will decrease the impact on my knee. It’s the best way to get running again before I try it unassisted. It could be interesting, so I will let you know how I get on in my next blog.

Next week I will also return to full time training at Huntingdon. It’s back to a normal 34 hours a week in the gym 2 sessions a day and I’m really looking forward it!

Speak soon