Blog: training with the lads at Lilleshall

I have just returned from a four day GB training Camp at Lilleshall and this is the first time we have all trained together since Cancun. It was really good to see all of the lads again and to see how we have all been working on our plans for the competition season which is now in full swing and continues this weekend with the British Team Championships. The competition within the squad for places is really competitive but also very healthy with a lot of good banter between the lads. The training sessions can be really tough, but we have all known each other for so long now that we all work together and pull each other up especially if someone is having a bad day.

I have also been asked if I could try to explain what I mean when I have included new skills into my routines to help increase my difficulty and start value. Gymnastics scoring can be quite complicated and technical so I will keep it simple.

When in my last blog I said that I have increased my start value/difficulty it simply means that I have replaced one of the easier skills in my routine with a more complex skill. A gymnastics routine is made up of 10 different skills and each skill will be awarded a value ranging from 0.1 to 0.7 depending on the difficulty of the skill – so to increase my start value I will simply replace one of my lower value skills worth about 0.3 with a higher more difficult skill which could be worth 0.5 for instance.

Apart from training, I was also asked to take part in a promotional video for BUPA who provide all of the medical cover for TEAM GB and UK SPORT. The video will show me Vaulting over Spellbound of Britain’s Got Talent fame in Trafalgar Square, London.

Over the next couple of weeks I am going to be really busy as the competition season takes hold. To start with, I have the British Team championships this weekend, followed by the Cottbus Grand Prix in Germany next weekend. The weekend after, I will be in London at the London Open.

Watch out for my next blog to see how I get on!

Cheers, Dan