Blog: the British Championships, 2009

I arrived back from Hannover on Monday 26th October and was back training that afternoon in preparation for the British Championships in London on Saturday. With all these competitions so close, I am really feeling the strain now and because I am tired some of my routines are coming out a bit flat. But this is quite normal after such a high profile competition like the World Championships.

On the day of the competition I wasn’t feeling over confident as my preparations hadn’t gone too well, but I really wanted to put on a good show for the audience. The Floor routine went really well but a fall on the Pommel Horse left me chasing in 4th Place. On Rings I had to perform an easier routine as I wasn’t feeling confident enough, but I maintained my 4th Place.

Then out of nowhere, my confidence returned and I performed a near perfect routine on Parallel Bars and finished on High Bar just like I did at the Worlds. To my surprise, I finished on 88.1 points and reclaimed the British All Around Title that I lost to Kristian Thomas in 2008! Not only that; I took Gold on my Floor, Parallel Bars and High Bar routines in the individual competition.

To win four Gold medals was not only a surprise to me, but also my family and friends!

It has been a long competition season. With just one more competition left, the final stage of the Champions Trophy in Stuttgart, I am feeling very tired but confident enough to know I can give it my all in the last round.

Thanks for your support.