Blog: Stoptober success

WoooooHooooo!!! What a successful Stoptober!   Did you hit your targets? I did…..I can now confirm that I have successfully gone 28 days without chocolate and late night snacks which has allowed me to shed my target 3kgs. I also have to admit that the credit must go to my girlfriend Stephanie as she was the one person who kept me on target, and without her I am sure I would be admitting defeat right now. Support is so important in any challenge! Here I am with my certificate and medal:


I am now back at my ideal training weight and it’s a good job as well as I have only just been informed that I will be representing Team GB at the World Cup in Stuttgart at the end of November. I will be competing on 3 apparatus: Pommel, Pbars and High Bar. It will also give me an opportunity to try out some of the new skills I have been practising over the past six weeks. This will be my first competition since May so it won’t be easy, especially with new routines, but I will certainly give it a damn good go!   If you would like to see some of the new skills I have been practising then you can always follow me on twitter @dankeatings as I now regularly post videos including my latest video where I perform a move called the ‘Busnari’ which is one off the most difficult skills to perform on the Pommel – it has a ‘G’ rating. I also post videos where it doesn’t quite go right as I believe it’s just as important to analyse your errors as I do in this video. So go ahead follow me!   I would also like to give a big shout out to one of my twitter followers Campion School in Northampton who successfully won £300 towards their new long jump run after submitting a video in the Opus Energy Gift Competition. If you would like to see their entry and the other winners then you can do on the Opus Energy Gift website.   Finally I would also like to add my support to Movember, the charity that helps to raise funds and awareness to men’s health, especially prostate and testicular cancer. Over the next month I will be growing my very first moustache :-) look out for pictures in my next blog!

Cheers, Dan