Blog: Stoptober update

How’s it going? I hope you have all managed to stick to your Stoptober plan? I have, just about anyway, but I do have to thank my girlfriend for not stocking the cupboards with snacks and chocolate or I may have failed at the first hurdle 😉

For me the first week was the hardest but I have now replaced all of my nibbles with a piece of fruit; bananas are my favourite as they release their energy slowly and help keep a lid on my hunger pangs. I had set myself a target of losing hopefully about 3kgs over the month which should take me back to my normal training weight and I am bang on target towards reaching my goal as I have lost 2kgs already – c’mon!   I have been back in the gym full-time for six weeks and I now believe that my body is back in good condition, or good enough at least to start adding new skills into routines as you can see from this video clip. It’s also a reminder of just how dangerous my sport can be and that you really do have to be in top condition and mentally on the ball. Wipe out, lol!  The gym is also a little quiet at the moment as we have lost three big personalities and sparring partners:

• Luke Fowell – 2010 Commonwealth AA champion who officially retired from gymnastics in July

• Luke Carson – Irish Champion and close friend who is recovering from surgery to his leg, get well soon bro

• And of course there’s Louis Smith. Well, we all know where he is! Strutting his stuff on the dance floor with Flavia Cacace for Strictly Come Dancing – c’mon Lou!!

So at the moment I am training alongside GB squad member Cameron McKenzie during the week at Huntingdon and on Saturdays I go to Loughborough Uni to train alongside GB squad members Sam Oldham, Ruslan Panteleymonov and Sam Hunter. Official GB squad training won’t start again until after the New Year.

stoptober update

Lemon sole for tea – delicious!

Good luck finishing Stoptober! We are all halfway there now!

Cheers, Dan