Blog: rehabilitation week 12

Well…I have now been back in full time training for two weeks and I was really surprised with my fitness level. Apart from some obvious weakness in my legs my overall condition is about 70 percent at the moment.

It feels great to finally get back on the Pommel and I have been working on some key elements of my routines on both Pommel and the Parallel-Bars. However my main focus is still to re-build the strength in my legs and increase my overall condition before I can get back on the other four apparatus, but so far it all looks really positive, so fingers crossed it all continues.

It’s just great to be back in the gym training with my mates and having a laugh. The aqua jogging is also going really well and I hope to move onto jogging on dry land after I get the go ahead from my surgeon in two weeks time. I can’t wait to hear the latest as it’s my next major goal.

I also wanted to say a big thank you to my physio team who have managed my rehabilitation programme so well and kept my fitness level high.

Well that’s about all for now; in my next update I should hopefully have some really positive news from my surgeon!

Speak to you soon.