Blog: rehab week 16, back at Lilleshall

After 16 weeks of rehab I am now back training with my GB team mates. Last week I attended a five day training camp at Lilleshall and was training with both the GB Senior and GB Junior squads as they prepared for a qualifying competition on Saturday that would select the teams for both the World Championships in Rotterdam and the Commonwealth Games in Dehli.

After the recent success of the Junior team at the European Championships the Junior gymnasts are now pushing to get into the Senior squads and ultimately be selected for one of the competitions above – so watch this space as the teams should be announced over the coming week.

My rehab programme is getting much more intense with harder variations and new exercises but my recovery has hit a plateau as I am now in the consolidation stage of my programme so any improvements are now in much smaller steps. My programme at Lilleshall was split into two separate programmes; in the morning session I spent four hours focused on my strength and recovery and in the afternoon I worked alongside the rest of the GB team training some new skills and key elements of my routines.”

Cheers, Dan