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Preparing for London 2012 – Opus Energy exclusive interview

wind turbine

You went to a training camp before London Prepares. What’s your daily routine like when you are at training camp?

We still train for the same amount of hours but we benefit hugely from all of the support staff including doctors, physios and dieticians.

Did you have to do anything before the London Prepares event to try and overcome your nerves and prepare for the event?

After the disappointment at the World Championships in Tokyo we got some additional help from a psychologist who taught us some techniques to overcome nerves.

What did you think of your performance at the London Prepares event?

I was really pleased with my performance as I went clean on all apparatus, but more so because I was asked to do a specific job for the Team by performing first on every apparatus, to help settle the Team and hopefully get off to a good start. This is a lot more difficult than it sounds and is very uncommon in gymnastics, but it really shows how we have grown as a team since Tokyo as all of our focus was on the Team and the right result for the Team.

There was a lot of media attention in the run up to London Prepares and afterwards – how did you feel about that?

The media attention has been great really. Naturally there was a lot of disappointment after Tokyo, but I truly believe everyone knew we had the depth and quality within the Team to produce the right result.

Did you and the rest of Team GB celebrate afterwards?

After the competition we were all physically and mentally drained, so we all celebrated by having an early night. I know it’s not rock star life, but we have an even bigger job to do now…

Will you get a little break now that the Team have qualified?

We went back to Lilleshall for two days, and then I went training in Huntingdon for a day, before taking a two-day break with my girlfriend. The Team’s focus will then shift to the European Championships in Montpellier, France.

There are 5 places available in the Olympic team, but there are 6 of you in Team GB. What do you have to achieve to guarantee yourself a spot in the Team?

My progress over the last six months has been huge but I guess I have to keep fit, injury free and continually improve.

How long will you have to wait to find out if you have been selected to represent Team GB at the 2012 Games?

The Team won’t be officially selected until about a month prior to the Olympics; this is in case of any injuries and to ensure we all continue to fight for a spot on the Team.

Did London Prepares give you a small taster for the Olympics?

Definitely! The atmosphere was absolutely thumping in the O2 Arena, but I still believe The Olympics will be even bigger and better.

Opus released your video the day of the London Prepares event. How did you feel when you saw it for the first time?

The video is brilliant! And I really like how my swings on the pommel simulate the wind turbine. Just awesome!