Blog: Opus Energy photo shoot

I recently took part in a photo shoot for my sponsors, Opus Energy, at Beech Tree Farm in Melton Mowbray, which is generating its own energy from a huge wind turbine. I performed elements from my Pommel routine in front of the dramatic back drop of the turbine and fields. I must say that it”s the first time I”ve ever been asked to perform a routine in the middle of a field with no shelter from the winter wind – perfect for the wind turbine but not so good for an indoor sport, like gymnastics. I had to keep running back to the car between photos just to warm up – what a wimp!

I also got to meet some local school children who came along to see me perform and ask me questions about my sport before having a group photo taken on the Pommel. It was a really good day apart from the freezing wind – all credit to farmers who have to work in all weather conditions throughout the year.

My focus this month is now on the Olympic test event in January. I”m concentrating my efforts on building up stamina and consistency in my routines especially after the injury I picked up on my index finger. I will also be returning to Lilleshall, the National Sports Centre, to train with the rest of the GB squad for the whole of December – except for weekends and two days off at Christmas.   While we are at Lilleshall we get the chance to review our routines on casino the big screen which they use to judge competitions. This allows us to pick out the good and bad bits from our routines which we can then use to help us in improving our overall performance.   I was also asked recently what else I”m good or bad at, and to be honest I am generally good at most sports. I think that”s partly because I”m very competitive, although my gymnastics really does take up most of my time so I only get to take part in other sports very occasionally. I tend to chill out playing computer games and I guess I”m pretty good at them as well, well I like think so anyway, especially Call Of Duty and FIFA. What I”m bad at…it has to be singing. My girlfriend is a really good singer and I do like to sing, but you should see the cringe on my girlfriend”s face when I do.

Cheers, Dan