Blog: Olympics round-up

As the curtain falls on the London Olympics it also brings an end to my own gymnastics competition season, I will now take a couple of weeks off along with the rest of the GB gymnastics squad and top up on some much needed vitamin D in Egypt.

When I return to full training in early September my focus will then switch to improving my own routines to work alongside the new gymnastics code of points issued by the Federation of International Gymnastics (FIG). The sport of gymnastics is constantly changing and evolves with every Olympic cycle to include new skills and techniques which are then reflected in its code of points, by applying a difficulty value to new skills that have been developed by the gymnasts and by downgrading the value of older less demanding skills.

As part of my Olympic round up I thought I would share some of the moments that were special to me:

My top 5 moments:-
1.GB Mens Gymnastics historic team Bronze
2.Beth Tweddle’s Olympic Bronze on the Asymmetric Bars
3.Mo Farah’s Gold in the 10000 metres
4.Mo Farah’s Gold in the 5000 metres
5.Usain Bolts 200 metre Gold

Watch out for more Olympics-related Top 5’s coming up soon on my blog!

Cheers, Dan