Blog: Olympic Legacy Funding

After launching an ambitious £650,000 expansion plan three years ago, my gymnastics club in Huntingdon received some fantastic news last week: it was announced that the Olympic Legacy Fund was donating almost £50,000 towards our goal of building a new gym. With pledges for more than half of the money already secured, the donation from the Olympic Legacy Fund is a massive endorsement to what our club has achieved over the last two Olympic cycles, and in our commitment to providing Gymnastics For All.

Obviously we are still in need of the remaining funds and appreciate any support no matter how small, so if you can help us in any way to achieve a lasting Olympic Legacy then why not visit our website – thank you :-)

With the new Olympic cycle just started and with an ambition for British Gymnastics to improve on its achievements in London, I can now confirm that I have taken a huge decision to centralise part of my training to the National Sports Centre at Lilleshall in Shropshire. I will now be living and training 4 days a week in Lilleshall with the rest of my training shared between Loughborough and Huntingdon, although Huntingdon will remain my registered club and will continue to be a huge part of my life.

I will now be training alongside Daniel Purvis, Kristian Thomas, Sam Hunter, Theo Seager and Sam Oldham on a regular basis. It also allows me instant access to some impressive medical and nutritional support with the aim of achieving my main target for this year, which is to re-establish myself back on the world stage after an injury plagued two years, and to hopefully secure medals at both the European and World Championships.

This links in with our training camp in January, when we were all subjected to skin fold tests which determine our percentage of body fat/composition. We also discussed our current diets with the nutritionists with the aim of hopefully improving our diets to gain minor advantages in strength and stamina.

Next week I will be heading off to South Africa for a training camp aimed at getting us ready for the competition season. I know it sounds like a bit of a jolly, but believe me it will be anything but. The training will be very intense and rigorous. This, combined with the warm temperatures, will leave us drained and exhausted every day. The warm and humid weather makes it really tough to maintain any momentum, unlike in colder climates where you can train harder for longer periods. Like I said, it’s aimed at getting us ready for the competition season but it will still be nice to have some sunshine after training. Bring it on!