Blog: January 2013

This year, just like every other year, I found myself celebrating my 23rd Birthday in the National Sports Centre at Lilleshall and, as per usual, we kicked off the New Year by being pulled, poked and prodded by the GB medical and coaching staff as we started a 5-day GB training camp.   It’s an opportunity for the medical team to put us through a series of rigorous tests including health, fitness, strength, stamina, body tone, body condition and diet (I’m sure this is some kind of punishment for overindulging in the festive season, LOL). If that wasn’t enough, we also had our annual review where we look back on our achievements over the past 12 months and set ourselves new targets for the coming year.

I’m now back training in Huntingdon for a couple of weeks before heading off on another GB training camp, but at least this time it should be a bit sunnier as I will be training in South Africa with the top 10 GB senior gymnasts. In February every year we kick off our preparations for the forthcoming competition season with an international training camp, which is purely designed to get us out of our comfort zones and focused on building our routines and working as a team in an alien environment. The 10-day training camp is normally really tough with very little time off, but we are normally given at least one day off so this time I am really hoping to squeeze in a Safari trip.   Finally, I don’t normally set myself New Year’s resolutions but this year if there’s one thing I hope to change then it’s my bad luck with injuries. I assure you that this year I will be fully focused and determined to limit injuries as much as possible by being switched on and concentrate every minute I am in the gym.