Blog: back to training for Daniel Keatings

With the competition season ending you would have thought my life would have got a little quieter…but don’t be fooled!

Since the final round of the Champions trophy in Stuttgart I have made an appearance on BBC Children in Need, Question of Sport and flown to America for a two week holiday at Disney World Florida. Mind you, that wasn’t too much of a chore!

As we near the end of 2009, I would like to take this opportunity to thank everyone at Opus Energy for their continued support and also for backing my Challenge on BBC Children in Need by donating £1000 to the charity.

My challenge was to perform as many circles on the Pommel horse as possibly in 60secs and for every complete circle I would donate £1 of my own money. Thankfully I exceeded my own expectations by clocking up a massive 62 circles in front of a very excited crowd! The challenge and kind donation from Opus helped BBC Scotland to raise £1.65million on the night.

I have since received a letter from BBC Scotland and they would also like me to pass on their thanks to Opus Energy for donating so generously.

The following morning I flew to Disney World Florida for a much needed rest and enjoyed two weeks of fun staying at the Animal Kingdom Hotel. Some of my most memorable moments included a visit to Hollywood Studios, Space Mountain, Downtown Disney and Blizzard Beach Water Park but my best moment had to be a visit to Sea World and diving with sharks, it was awesome but terrifying.

I am a little scared to get on the scales after indulging in some great food, but it’s nothing a week in the gym won’t sort out. Now it’s time for me to get back to work and perfect some of the new skills I was preparing before the World Championships.