Blog: a tough two weeks

I am now back training full time after almost six weeks off and boy, was it tough. Every muscle and joint in my body was aching for at least five days, and it was only when I got into the second week that things started to settle down. My focus for the next four weeks will be conditioning, conditioning and even more conditioning because to even attempt routines and skills on the apparatus with this level of fitness would be just too dangerous as fatigue could set in at any time, which could lead to serious injuries.   I have also gained a couple of kilos in weight, but it really is not as much as I had expected, especially after my over indulging in Egypt and Marbella. It’s nothing a few salads and a more balanced diet won’t sort out :-)

I have also put together my new four-year plan with my coach and I am really excited with what we have planned! Unfortunately I can’t give away too much detail, but I am looking to pick up a few major medals over the next couple of years leading up to the Olympics in Rio. I can say what my short, medium and long term targets are:

• Short term: my focus will be on the European and World Championships in 2013/2014;

• Medium term: my focus will be on representing Scotland at the Commonwealth Games in Glasgow;


• Long term: my focus will be the World Championships in Glasgow in 2015 and the Olympic Games in Rio in 2016.

Over the past couple of years I have also had more than my fair share of injuries, but now that British Gymnastics has a very good medical/physio team in place I really do think I will have a bit better luck over the next four years, although saying that I think I have just caught some Man Flu :-(   Note to myself: never take six weeks off again but hey, after the sacrifices we all made over Christmas and the New Year it was the least we deserved!

Also, if you don’t know already, I am sure you will definitely be seeing a lot more of close friend and team mate Louis Smith as he puts on his dancing shoes and takes on the challenge that is Strictly Come Dancing………… c’mon Lou!!

Cheers, Dan