Blog: Back in Training after Serbia

Hello to everyone at Opus Energy!

Since my last blog about competing in Serbia, where I brought home the Gold medal after four tough bouts, I have been back in training.

I have been going through the motions in training over the last few weeks, and despite it being tough, it’s not been as high intensity as my usual regime. I’ve been working on my weaknesses and practising certain drills to improve as a boxer. When no bouts are scheduled, this gives me time to work to try and improve what I feel I need to work on. This is easier as I don’t need to worry about training to keep myself fit, make weight and focus on my fight prep. It’s a relaxed period to be in despite training six times a week.

However, I’ve just been told I could potentially be fighting this weekend (22.2.14) in Norway. I would just be competing in one bout, consisting of four two minute rounds. It’s short notice, but I’m hoping I get the nod as I’m feeling fit and confident despite the lack of eye ball popping training sessions I’m used to in prep for a fight.

I always keep myself at a high level of fitness just in case situations like this arise. The only problem with these last minute call ups are I don’t get to mentally prepare and make sure my body is in the best possible shape, but I would still be confident coming into the fight. I’m looking forward to this bout, as I’m on a roll at the moment putting a number of wins together which is hugely positive.

Finally, I just want to reiterate how grateful I am for the continued support of Opus Energy. It is really helping me in my career so I cannot thank you enough!